The Task

1. Write a wiki-based team paper

The paper should be about 10-15 pages in volume and cover any subject within the general limits of the course. The title should be approved by the supervisor before starting to write (not meant as censorship but rather to prevent too wide or too narrow treatises) - so please inform about your team lineup, the location of the wiki and the title your work before starting (you may include some of this information in your profile). The paper will give up to 30 points to the authors (the supervisor reserves the right to distribute points unevenly if there is evidence of greatly different rates of contribution).

The number of team members depends on the overall number of participants, but is generally 3-4 people - enough to facilitate some teamwork.

Teams should be formed in two weeks from the start, i.e. by September 29. There is a separate topic in the general forums where you can discuss possible lineups for teams, suggest topics for the paper and find people with similar interests. When you have compiled your team, please post the lineup and the wiki location there too!

Note: although presented as a wiki, the paper should retain most qualities of academic writing - source list, references, writing style etc. Talk pages and other means may be used for informal discussion of the paper.

!!November 24 - deadline for team papers!!

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