Ubiquitous Computing Goes Global

European agencies on Ubiquitous computing

Artemis Embedded System Initiative

Artemis Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) is a project launched by the European Union to support the development in the field of embedded systems and ubiquitous computing. For the run of the project are responsible the European Commission, particular member states (20 together) and a non-profit industrial association Artemisia which tries to define and implement results of research for embedded computing systems in practice. Artemisia consists of research institutes, universities and all-sized companies taking parts in ICT research.

The aim of its activities is to get into leadership role in ubiquitous computing. If managed, this leadership would bring member states notable economic impact including number of top qualified jobs and income more than 100 billion Euro in ten years horizon.

Common Budget: 35.1 billion Euros
Member states: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, United Kingdom


COSINE2 is another pan-European project which aims at supporting running projects in the area of embedded systems. Founded in the end of 2007 endeavors to collect and maintain information about Embedded System research and development initiatives and also aims at developing a policy on embedded systems education and training. Another goals are establishing and keeping contact with regional ES actors. COSINE2 runs also Wiki as a platform for discussion of the research agenda and brainstorming place.

Cosine and Artemis WIKI: [http://artemiswiki.wiki-site.com/index.php/Main_Page]


  • Improve ES Co-operation
  • Open European Embedded Systems Programmes
  • Monitor ES Strategies & Policies
  • Improve Co-operation in Education & Training
  • Establish and Maintain Close Relation with ARTEMIS
  • Improve SME Technology Take-up
  • Install Web Platform and WIKI
  • Efficient Management

Budget: 600.000 Euro
Starting date: 1. December 2007
Duration: 30 months
Partners: 11 research institutions prom different European countries


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