Ubiquitous Computing in Estonia

Enterprise Estonia
Enterprise Estonia is one of the largest institutions within the national support system for entrepreneurship in Estonia, providing financing products, advice, partnership opportunities and training for entrepreneurs, research and development institutions and the public and third sectors.

Enterprise Estonia actively operates in the following areas: the enhancement of the competitiveness of Estonian enterprises in foreign markets, the inclusion of foreign direct investments, inbound and domestic tourism, the elaboration of technological and innovative products and services, the development of Estonian enterprises and the entrepreneurial environment and the enhancement of general entrepreneurial awareness.

Enterprise Estonia is one of the institutions responsible for the implementation of EU structural funds in Estonia, as well as being the primary provider of support and development programmes targeted towards entrepreneurs.

Enterprise Estonia was founded in 2000 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs with the aim of promoting the competitiveness of the Estonian entrepreneurial environment and Estonian businesses, thereby increasing prosperity.

Conference held about what our IT solution will be @2018 (incl. Ubiquitous Computing).

Founded in 1992, Smarthome is the largest home automation company in the world and the leader in selling cutting-edge home automation/electronics products, providing lifetime technical support on everything you purchase. Specializing in offering remote controlled lighting products made by our parent company, SmartLabs, Smarthome is continually innovating in every home automation category. Select a category below to begin shopping or click here to see all Smarthome products.

Communication langugage X10 - home automation
X10 is a communications "language" that allows compatible products to talk to each other using the existing electrical wiring in the home. Most X10 compatible products are very affordable and the fact that they talk over existing wires in your home means that no costly rewiring is necessary. Installation is simple, a transmitter plugs (or wires) in at one location in the home and sends its control signal (on, off, dim, bright, etc.) to a receiver which plugs (or wires) into another location in the home.

Using simple dials or buttons you assign each product with one of up to 256 addresses. If you wish two products to go on and off together you can set them to the same address or use scene addresses on many advanced products. All X10 compatible products can be freely mixed and matched - so use Smarthome products together with X10, Leviton, Stanley, IBM, JDS, ACT, Homepro, etc.

Smarthome in Estonia
Smarthome Global

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